Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Connect with other attendees and a chance to win a prize !

Kicking off the ACRA 2016 Conference
Welcome to the ACRA 2016 Conference ! It’s going to be sunny starting tomorrow and we are looking forward to the balmy 60 degree weather !

To help conference attendees interact and connect with each other, we have opened the ACRA 2016 blog http://acraconference2016.blogspot.com/ so all  ACRA members and conference attendees can share* your thoughts, comments, and reflections while the conference is underway.

This is an optional activity! We have sent you an invitation - if you want to contribute please accept the invite.

Please feel free to take pictures taken during the conference and upload. If you have a question for a particular presenter, but didn’t get a chance to ask, or suggest an extension of the research  this is a good platform to connect. If you want to volunteer to lead a group of attendees into exploring NYC or go to dinner - you can start here!

We will give three prizes in the following categories:
1)      Picture or a blog post that best captures the spirit of ACRA
2)      Picture or a blog post that best captures the Past Presidents’ Panel
3)      Picture or a blog post that best captures the Fashion Entrepreneurship panel

Winners will be announced on Saturday before the end of the conference. Looking forward to meeting everyone !

* Please keep the conversations pertinent to topics that would be of interest to ACRA members