Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Suggestions for your NYC adventure by Dr. Barry Berman

New York City Suggestions

General Information:

Taxis are plentiful now that Uber is popular. They are metered and can take up to 4 people.

Subways and Buses are $2.75 each way. Busses accept cash--only quarters, you can also purchase MetroCards (smartcards) at any subway booth.

New York is easy to navigate as most midtown streets and avenues are numbered. 5th Avenue demarks East and West street addresses-- i.e, 10 East 53rd Street and 20 West 53rd Street are across the street (5th Avenue) from each other. Avenue of the Americas is 6th Avenue. The only unnumbered avenues are east of Fifth Avenue (Madison, Park and Lexington). 3rd Avenue is east of Lexington. Broadway is west of 7th Avenue at 46th Street.

Here are some things to do on our evening in NYC: --lists discounted Broadway and Off-Broadway show tickets. You can highlight your desired seat. If you require extra leg room I strongly suggest you get aisle seats.

Restaurants Near Times Square:

·       Limani., 45 Rockefeller Plaza, Greek, great atmosphere (there is a pool in the middle of the restaurant). Located at East 53rd Street west of Fifth Avenue. $39.50 price fixed dinner-- must be ordered before 6:30.Otherwise very costly.

·       Moluvos, 871 7th Avenue (between West 55th and 56th Streets). Greek. Also excellent food.

Restaurants Near Herald Square

(Herald Square is the central business district of NYC--containing Macy's newly renovated flagship store). Also near is the Empire State Building --that has an excellent observation deck-- about $25 per person). This is about a 1 mile walk from Times Square. Most of these are Michelin rated.

·       Cafe China, 13 East 37th Street (between 5th and Madison Avenues). Very reasonably priced Michelin rated authentic Chinese restaurant. Crowded.

·       Keens, 72 West 36th Street  (between 6th and 5th Avenues). A great steakhouse. Contains a notable collection of smoking pipes. Order the mutton chop or a porterhouse steak. You should ask for the tavern menu for smaller portions. Ask for a quiet table. Great combination of food and ambiance.

·       Francia, 12 Park Avenue between East 34 and East 35th Streets. Vegetarian Korean food. Very reasonably priced. A Japanese teahouse atmosphere.

·       Hangawi, 12 East 32nd Street. Korean food served by waitresses in traditional Korean garments. Great combination of food and ambiance. Michelin rated.

·       Gaonnuri, 1250 Broadway. 39th Floor. Korean barbecue with a knock-out view of New York City. Great combination of food and ambiance. Michelin rated

·       El Parador Cafe, 325 East 34th Street (between 1st and 2nd Avenues). Excellent Mexican food, Michelin rated. Very reasonable.

·       2nd Avenue Deli, 162 East 33rd Street (between Lexington and Third Avenues). Probably NYC's best deli. A lot of food. Try the half a sandwich and cup of soup combo. Also try a knish. Michelin rated.

I strongly suggest making reservations if you are considering Limani. Molyvos, Keens, Hangawi or Gaonnuri.

You can make reservations and see current menus and pricing on

Barry Berman


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